Unselfish team play key to new season



As their first game in November draws nearer, members of the Titan men’s basketball team are searching for the chemistry to lead them toward a successful season.

It’s no secret that the Titans are coming off a tough season after finishing 11-20 this past year.

However, they plan to put that season behind them and keep moving in the right direction.

To many, a new approach is the key to turn a season around and make a losing team into a winning team.

But their process and approach to the season is not the main focus for the Titans.

“The expectations for the team are the same every year … to compete with high energy every game – to play together as a team, unselfishly,” said assistant coach Timothy Waller. “The approach rarely changes. Everything is about putting in the work. I demand two things from the guys every year and this never changes … great effort and know what we are doing.”

Like coach Waller, Newcomer B.J. Maxwell feels that there aren’t any changes needed to their process.

“I feel this is no difference in my approach. Just to stay locked in and focused 24/7,” said Maxwell.

The main component the Titans plan to work on this season is teamwork.

Even after winning Horizon League Freshman of the Year and breaking the NCAA freshman 3-point record formerly held by NBA player Stephen Curry, Antoine Davis, a sophomore guard from Birmingham, Alabama, continues to look for the team bond.

“Some strengths that we have is that we have learned how to play as a team and play unselfishly,” said Davis.

Other players, like sophomore Marquis Moore, have shifted their more individualized mindset from previous years to being more of a team player.

“The approach I had coming in my freshman year was I just wanted to score and didn’t really care about anything else until the middle of the season when I realized I can’t think that way,” said Moore. “I have to change my whole mindset and coming into this year I just want the team to win and be successful and I’ll do whatever I have to do to make that happen.”

Their main objective as a team is to do anything possible to lead themselves and their teammates to victory.

Moore said, “The expectations I have for myself is honestly to do anything I can to help the team win, whether that’s cheering, playing, defense, scoring or rebounding.”

Maxwell has no intention of focusing on his individual aspirations.

He plans to keep working solely for team-oriented goals and getting his teammates better.

“Individual goals aren’t important. It’s about the team to me always,” said Maxwell.

The Titans have shown some natural selfless qualities on the court this preseason.

“So far we have shown a willingness to share the basketball, which is a key component of a good team. The guys seem to like and enjoy playing together,” said coach Waller.