Nguyen wins statewide tutor of year award



Christina Nguyen has been named Tutor of the Year in the state of Michigan.

This accomplishment honors Nguyen, who shares a helping hand with anyone who needs it at Detroit Mercy. 

Nguyen, a psychology grad student, still volunteers her time in the Success Center on campus, helping students in need. This is her fourth year as a tutor. 

She also has participated as a TA in many classes. 

Susan Trudeau, head of the Success Center, brought Nguyen in as a tutor in her sophomore year.

“She understands what students need and what they want from a tutor, and she gives it to them,” said Trudeau. “She really deserved the honor of accomplishing Tutor of the Year and everyone here at Detroit Mercy could not be happier for her.” 

The award recipient is chosen by a committee of students, tutors and faculty members from colleges across Michigan.  

To be nominated, the student must have a letter of recommendation from the faculty.

A poll is sent out to universities and the winner is chosen. 

The committee looks for initiative and creativity in tutoring or other forms of peer education, strengths and uncommon characteristics, pursuit of professional growth, additional contributions to campus and mentor roles within the university. 

Nguyen is honored to receive the award.

“Tutoring is a great passion of mine and I love helping my fellow students at the University of Detroit Mercy,” she said. “I love bringing joy to the students at Detroit Mercy and knowing I helped them succeed and complete their mission.”  

This is the first time a Detroit Mercy student has won the award and has had the honor of being nominated.

Nguyen said she still isn’t finished after winning the award and is eager to help more students accomplish their academic goals.