Fans will love ‘Bad Boys for Life’


Seventeen years have passed since the last Bad Boys movie, but the chemistry between costars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is still unmatched – and on display in “Bad Boys for Life.”

Smith reprises his role as Mike Lowrey, the eligible bachelor with no hope, and Lawrence annoys in his role as Marcus Burnett, the family man.

The two show their age in the movie, but the thrill and adventure of Miami’s bad boys remains.

Smith and Lawrence face new bad guys and use their relentless off-the-script police skills.

The action-packed movie is rated R and filled with complex fight sequences, car chases and comedic relief.

While watching, you forget there has been a lengthy break between movies two and three.

Though nothing can prepare you for the twists and turns the movie offers, the long-awaited reunion is worth it.

Smith and Lawrence bring new light to the franchise with their brotherly bond and charisma.

If you see a showing of “Bad Boys for Life,” your expectations will be exceeded.

You may also see a few more familiar faces from previous installments that make the movie feel more whole.

The highly recommended movie is easily the best installment of the franchise.

“Bad Boys for Life” has stormed the box office, making more than $65 million so far.

Audiences of many generations are enjoying this movie.

After witnessing pure friendship on screen between the costars, you feel a sense of delight and happiness.

A fair rating would be 4 of 5 stars.

There is no need to see previous installments of Bad Boys to enjoy the latest one.

Seeing the show in a sold-out theatre creates a surround sound of laughter.

Most people would hesitate to bring back a franchise after nearly two decades, but everything was done right with this one.

The Bad Boys franchise continues to give audiences a captivating, enjoyable performance.