Fencing team aims to honor rich Titan tradition

Photo courtesy of UDM SPORTS INFO



With some key members returning to the fencing team, the Titans hope they can do something special this year. 

Todd Dressell is entering his 21st season as coach of the Detroit Mercy fencing team.  

When he joined this team as coach in 1999, he knew he was joining a great tradition and a rich past.

The fencing team is the only one to win a national championship (in 1972). 

Dressell embraces the history.

“It is with great pride and dedication that I continue this great Titan tradition and bring success,” he said. 

He loves the idea of possibly bringing another championship to the school with this team. 

Dressell is coach for both the men’s and women’s teams.  

The star of the team happens to be Dressell’s son, Wiley, who is entering his fourth and final year at Detroit Mercy. 

The 2019 season was Wiley’s best year as he qualified for the men’s national fencing championship and ended up placing 24th at the tournament. 

He is looking to add to his success this season. It is his final chance to leave his mark.  

Bryce Sturgis is also a returning member of the fencing team. In his sophomore season, he is looking forward to seeing the team’s improvements.

“I feel like a few of us can win at regionals,” he said. “But with a team comprised of mostly walk-ons, it’s going to be a bit harder to win as a team.” 

Sturgis believes that even though they are considered a young team, the Titans can hold their own against other schools in competition. 

The women’s team also will be looking to improve this year.

They are a younger team but will look to grow together throughout their season.  

The men’s and women’s next event will be held on Feb. 1-2 in Evanston, Illinois.