Memories of Valentines past remain in the heart


On Valentine’s Day this Friday, many couples will spend a romantic evening at a restaurant with dim lighting, making memories that they hope will last forever.

The approaching holiday has some Detroit Mercy students feeling nostalgic about their most memorable Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Autumn D’Addario is a communications specialist at the university.

D’Addario’s favorite memory was with her boyfriend last February.

“Earlier that week I told him I was craving Chinese food,” she said.

He took it upon himself to surprise her with a dinner at P.F. Chang’s.

“It was my first time,” D’Addario said.

They had an extraordinary waiter who brought them a bottle of wine with a surprise on the inside.

The wine cork was designed with a little red heart.

They spent the remainder of the evening watching movies together.

While many people consider Valentine’s Day to be a romantic holiday, others spend the day focusing on spreading love to good friends who need it most.

Kalimah Gardner needed a friendly reminder from her best friend one year.

Feeling discouraged over a crush on a guy, Gardner received a letter from her best friend, reminding her of her self worth. 

“Whenever I’m feeling down, I always go back to read that letter,” said Gardner.

For some people receiving anything on Valentine’s Day comes as a surprise.

Dalonzo Curges was shocked after receiving a gift from a good friend.

“To my dear friend Dalonzo, I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day,” read the heart-shaped card. It came with a Hershey's chocolate.

“My day was made after that,” said Curges.

He has had the card since high school and has kept it on his drawer since then.

Jaclyn Martin’s favorite Valentine’s Day memory is of a romantic evening she planned herself with roses and candles.

She and her then-boyfriend spent the rest of the evening doing karaoke at Crash Landing, a karaoke bar that has since closed.

“I tried to get him to sing with me, but he didn’t go for it,” she said.

Martin laughed as she reflected on the evening’s events.

For Alexis Fleming, her most memorable moment was a new addition to her family.

“My brother was born the day before Valentine’s Day so while we were having a party at school they called me down to the office and told me I had a little brother and I got to see him,” said Fleming.