Titan slam-dunking legend returns as a Globetrotter


It had been seven years since Doug Anderson dunked a basketball near section 313 at Calihan Hall.

But the former Statefarm Slam Dunk champion returned to the scene of his collegiate successes recently.

He returned as “Sweet Georgia Brown” played throughout the stadium.

He returned as a Harlem Globetrotter. 

Anderson, who goes by “Hawk,” performed astounding dunks along with hysterical routines with Globetrotter teammates like Hammer Harrison, Speedy Artis, TNT Lister and others. 

The event started with fans getting involved with dance contests, shooting games and more competitions.

In classic Globetrotter fashion, pre-game saw the players showcasing basketball tricks, flips and feats.

While the game took place against long-time rivals the Washington Generals, it became clear everyone was on the side of the Globetrotters.

The game featured airborne tricks, incredible shooting and dribble moves that could make you dizzy just by looking at them.

“Hawk” was clearly in his element.

The nickname reflects Anderson’s ability to fly over opponents.

He dunked as if it were 2013 and he were a Titan again.

The Globetrotters had people laughing throughout Calihan Hall.

There was trash talk against the other team, joking with the audience and even a wedgie for a referee. 

By the end of the event, the children in attendance were definitely astonished by a basketball game unlike any other on campus.

After his 2011-13 tenure at Detroit Mercy, Anderson had hoped to land in the NBA.

But as a six-foot-six forward, he wasn’t tall enough to make it.

His colorful slams, though, drew national attendance, running as ESPN highlights.

His unique talents brought him to the attention of the Globetrotters, who have been around since 1926.

Those talents have taken Anderson around the world as a Globetrotter, bringing smiles and joy to many people.

The sound of “Sweet Georgia Brown” now means the former Titan is about to perform.