Campus feels like a ghost town

The McNichols campus resembles a ghost town. / VN photo by RYAN RUTKOWSKI



Just a few weeks ago, it seemed Detroit Mercy students would have little to worry about related to the terrifying coronavirus that was mostly impacting people overseas.

Little did we know this pandemic would end the 2019-20 school year as we knew it.

Now, the McNichols campus is something like a ghost town.

All students who can move home have been encouraged to do so.

The Titan Dining Room, The Loft and the library remain open but with more limited hours of operation. 

Most students still have access to their dorm rooms. 

Athletic Director Robert Vowels sent an email notifying students that Calihan Hall would be closed until at least March 31. Now that day will be extended.  

Several students are staying on campus despite the madness and fear that has struck the entire world.  

They are being encouraged to practice social distancing.  

Detroit Mercy senior Jasmine Jefferies works in the Student Success Center on the third floor of the library.  

She resides in her East Quad dorm room.  

Although the center has reduced its hours, Jefferies is still putting in work. 

“I’ve also been resting, spending more time talking to God and pushing myself to get ahead in classwork with more ‘free time,’ ” said Jefferies.  

She said she has groceries in her room, so she is never having to worry about getting hungry. But she visits TDR from time to time as well.   

She describes her experience on campus during the pandemic as a weird one, but she takes an optimistic approach to living through this crazy time.  

“This is a good time for reflecting and working on one’s purpose, like starting a business or becoming more consistent in relationships in general, getting to know one’s self, spending time with God and finding ways to have fun that may be unconventional, but are good for the soul,” she said.  

This is a time to work on overcoming fear, she added.

She believes that everything is going to be okay.  

Freshman Olivia Warrington has chosen to spend her time in her Shiple dorm room.  

“So far the experience on campus has been a little depressing since all of my friends are gone,” said Warrington.  

She said she spends most of her time sleeping or watching Netflix if she is not doing schoolwork.  

Warrington is also a member of the women’s softball team.  

Of course, all sports have been cancelled.

“I’m very sad about the softball season,” Warrington said. “My freshman year got cut short, which is very unfortunate. For the seniors: you never know when the last time you play will be. So this was a good lesson to treat every game like your last.”

Warrington said she mostly goes for carry-out meals. Sometimes, she enjoys the Loft.

Students everywhere continue to express their disappointment on social media. 

They are begging friends and families to stop taking $12 flights to exotic places and partying for spring break.

This pandemic has brought along with it an enormous feeling of boredom – and fear.  

As the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”