Opinion: Seniors, fans feel pain of cancelled sports season


If you’re like me you may feel the impact of turning on the TV and not being able to watch the big game with your buddies.

If you’re like me and work in the sports media industry, you may not be getting paid.

If you’re like me and your whole life revolves around sports, you may feel lost.

As of right now, there’s no MLB, NBA, NCAA, NHL, PGA and many more.

Since the coronavirus arrived in the United States, almost all major sporting events have been cancelled.

Being a basketball and baseball fan, I feel disappointed.

I feel disappointed that I won’t be going to opening day at Comerica Park, that my friends and I won’t be able to watch the NBA Finals.

For seniors in college and high school, there will be no senior season this year.

There will be no senior night for spring sports like baseball, softball, track, soccer and more.

For college seniors there is hope.

The NCAA announced it would give seniors another year of eligibility but the cost would make an impact.

There is no final word yet but hopefully there will be a second chance for these athletes.

For a senior in high school, it’s a different story – one that will likely end with the outbreak.

I feel the impact because I’ve been an athlete.

Playing my last baseball game ever was one of the hardest – and memorable – moments I will ever have in sports.

The emotion you show with your teammates to officially say goodbye to the game you love is often bitter sweet.

Right now we have no choice to live without watching current performances of our favorite athletes, teams and sports.

Many athletes have taken to social media to address the issue, especially those who have tested positive for the virus, like Utah Jazz players Rudy Golbert and Donovan Mitchell.

They were some of the earliest players diagnosed, along with Detroit Pistons forward Christian Wood.

Many have reminded us to take precautions to make ourselves and others around us safe.

If we take these precautions seriously, maybe one day we can be in the stands cheering on our favorite teams once again. 

I’m looking forward to that day.