Covid-19 alters dorm life, socializing

Campus life has changed. / Photo by Devonne Mccullough

BY ALY REIFF / VN Staff Writer

For Detroit Mercy students, living on campus is different this semester.

New rules have been adopted and are being enforced.

Among other things, they require wearing a mask in all buildings except your own dorm room, limiting the number of people in a room, maintaining the social distance of six feet and not letting individuals outside campus enter dorms.

All of these precautions are for the safety and well-being of students and faculty.

Junior Nicole Johanson said the virus has impacted socializing on campus.

“You’re less likely to go out and meet new people because of restrictions caused by the virus,” she said.

Upon arriving on campus, Johanson heard that students living in dorms could have requested to live in a room alone rather than share a room with a stranger.

Johanson takes precautions whenever she returns to her dorm room.

She sanitizes her hands, her phone and anything else that strikes her.

For freshman Joey Liedel, living on campus has provided a nice change of scenery and a break from being at home – even with restrictions.

Liedel expressed his gratitude for dorm life.

The limits are manageable, he said.

“You can’t bring any visitors from outside of campus into your room, and you can only have two guests, who live on campus, for each person living in the dorm room,” he noted.

Sophomore Bridgid Fox feels bad for all freshman, knowing their first college experience is more restricted.

“Coming back to school I was excited and nervous at the same time,” she said. “I wasn’t looking forward to staying in a bubble or taking online classes, because I want the full college life experience.”

Detroit Mercy Resident Life has updated and posted specific Covid-19 policies in all dorm buildings.