Glass half full? Students search for a bright side to new university reality

Photo by Devonne McCullough


All Detroit Mercy students know the struggles of this pandemic-impacted semester but some are finding a silver lining.

Business major Matt Komoroski “appreciates the work the professors put into their study and how much they want us to get out of it,” he said.

Online schooling is a new experience for many professors and students alike, and adaptation takes time.

Many students are grateful for the work of their professors.

There are other bright points, too.

Sophomore Brock Vandenheede said finds online classes convenient.

“Online schooling is convenient for me considering I am a commuter and don’t have to drive to campus every day and spend money on gas,” said Vandenheede.

Komoroski noted another benefit.

“It is easier to feel comfortable asking questions or talking through Zoom,” he said.

Students have found an opportunity to be more comfortable in classes, especially with professors guiding them.

Students also shared that they have bettered themselves throughout quarantine.

People have taken their extended free time and tried to improve themselves.

Miles Angell, a resident assistant, is among them.

“I feel like I’ve done a lot for myself being able to stay organized and clean,” Angell said. “I definitely tend to be better about washing my hands, wearing a mask and being more diligent about the people I surround myself with.”

Nursing major Kali West has learned about herself.

“You can gain a new perspective,” she said. “You can learn if you are a more hands-on ‘in the moment’ type person or someone who works at their own leisure.”