Some students personally know pain of Covid-19

Detroit Mercy students have been good about wearing their masks. / Photo by Devonne Mccullough


The level of concern about the Covid-19 pandemic varies wildly among students at Detroit Mercy.

Detroit Mercy senior Sayf Saleem is a biology major and psychology minor.

He is not worried about getting Covid-19 but he does have a great concern for his loved ones.

In March his mother tested positive.

Although he and his father were in contact with her prior to the testing, neither of them developed any symptoms.

“I thank God every day for giving my mom the strength to recover quickly and for giving me and my dad enough health and strength not to be affected by it,” said Saleem

Even though his mother has recovered, he feels great consideration, especially for his grandparents.

In order to keep them safe he makes sure to wear a mask, avoiding heavy contact with them, and also washes his hands frequently.

“Overall, I hope that not only can we get through this great ordeal but to come out better equipped as a society to be better prepared for the next unprecedented event,” Saleem said.

Senior Samatha Schlaud, a biology major, had Covid-19 in mid-March and she was very sick for about a month.

She took the antibody test in May.

“I feel better about the fact I have antibodies so I could be more immune from it currently,” she said. “However, it is unsure how long these antibodies last in your body and I am scared to get that sick again.”

When it comes to safety procedures, Schlaud does many of the things advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), such as wearing a mask, abiding by social distancing rules and washing her hands quite frequently.

She also worries for her grandparents due to their old age, even though they follow the restrictions, too.

Schlaud knows seven other people who have contracted Covid-19.

Six have recovered, and one has just been released after spending 75 days in intensive care.

The virus has made Schlaud more cautious.

She believes there is a common misconception that it doesn’t strike people her age.

Don’t underestimate its impact, she advised.

“It took about two months for me to stop coughing, have my taste and smell completely back and my breathing back to normal,” said Schlaud.

James Hofmann is a senior psychology and history major and leadership minor.

Hofmann follows many of the procedures that the CDC recommends.

He personally knows of one case of Covid-19, that of a neighbor who was “basically a grandparent to me,” he said.

She died. Her age and stage-four breast cancer contributed along with Covid-19.

This has affected Hofmann by making him more cautious around his loved ones, who happen to be older.

Ryan Figuerias, a senior psychology major and leadership minor, does not have many concerns about contracting Covid-19 because he follows safety guidelines.

He has a strong belief in self-accountability.

“I believe that if everyone does their job to fight the virus for themselves, the disease woun’t spread as much,” he said. “Wear your mask and do not go anywhere unless 100% needed, then you will be safe.”