It’s a new world for Greek organizations

Photo by Devonne Mccullough


Like most other activities, Greek life has had to change plans and adapt to new ways.

Some organizations are easing up this semester to focus on learning.

Cherish Coleman, a senior and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, explained that’s the approach her sorority will be taking.

“We are focusing on our studies and creating virtual events for students to learn something new and to enjoy,” she said.

Senior Tyiesha Head, a member of the Theta Tau chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, has plans to incorporate virtual events.

“We are taking things one day at a time,” she said. “We meet virtually and will be holding virtual events. We plan to partner with other chapters to hold events. Lots of thinking outside the box is happening as we still plan on being of service to all.”

Though some are doing online events, others are finding new ways to meet in person while following CDC guidelines.

“Our e-board (executive board) is currently working very hard to guarantee that our events run smoothly and follow CDC regulations, whether they’re virtual or in person,” she said.

Husna Doudi is a fourth-year member of Gamma Phi Beta.

“A few of our events have been delayed such as our big-little reveal, initiation and senior celebration,” she said. “Others were cancelled, such as our formal.”

Leaders still intend on giving members “the sorority dreams they’ve dreamed of.”

New members are welcomed by Gamma Phi Beta, which will be hosting informal recruitment events online on Sept. 21-23.

Many sororities are adjusting to a new approach to rushing while learning to manage online classes and watching beloved events being canceled.

“I cannot concentrate well when I have to sit in front of a computer for long,” said junior Gabriella Brusati of Kappa Beta Gamma. There are “lots of distractions when class is at home. I think a lot of the sisters feel the same.

“We are welcoming new people to rush,” she added. “Sophomores and up are able to rush this semester. Freshmen can rush next semester. I think we’re all handling the pandemic the best that we can.”

Kappa Beta Gamma also will be having online events.