Alums Byrne, Leonard find golf success in Canadian events

David Byrne and Brendan Leonard in their Titan days. / Art courtesy of Detroit Titan Sports Info



Brendan Leonard and David Byrne, two Titans who have contributed to the golf team’s storied past, are adding to their successes in the professional ranks.

After finishing his career as a Titan in 2014, Leonard took his golfing to the next level. Recently, he has been playing in the Mackenzie Tour in Canada’s life series events.

His success in these events have opened the doors for him to potentially further his career as a professional golfer. 

Leonard believes that Covid-19 has helped his golf career.

With international travel impact, new events have been created that highlight Canadian golf.

This has given him more exposure. 

“Covid has created a massive boom in golf,” he said, “and organizations have put a focus on highlighting Canadian talent.”

Though competing now at a higher level, Leonard has fond memories of his days as a Titan.

Leonard said he loved every single minute of his time at Detroit Mercy.

He happily recalls travelling with the team in the van, going from tournament to tournament.

“It was just such an amazing and fun atmosphere,” said Leonard.  

David Byrne was another player who had a storied career at Detroit Mercy.

Byrne won TV’s The Big Break golf challenge in 2011, breaking many records for the Big Break and himself as well.  

Byrne was the youngest person to ever win the Big Break.

It was his first-ever “professional” win and a great opportunity for him after college.

He proved to himself that he could do well in a setting outside college.

Byrne also competed recently in the Mackenzie Tour tournaments.

He looked at the events as a blessing, allowing him to measure his level of golf against other pros and also to see how much he has improved over time.  

“I really enjoyed being on the road again travelling from tournament to tournament and it was great for me to see I can still play with these guys professionally,” said Byrne. 

Byrne said his favorite memory as a Titan was sharing the feeling of success with his teammates.

“Golf is an individual sport, so being on a team throughout university and getting to share success with others is something I really cherish,” he said.

After the winter, Byrne will look to get back on PGA Tour Canada and play full time once again professionally. 

He said he is extremely excited to see what his golf future holds.