International student spotlight: Mateusz Jaskot in Poland


This is one in a series of stories about international Detroit Mercy students who are taking online courses and spending their semester back home overseas.


Mateusz Jaskot, a senior architecture student from Poland, is taking classes at Detroit Mercy as part of an exchange program with the University of Warsaw.

He said that the biggest problem with distance learning is the time difference.

“I know that both University of Detroit Mercy and University of Warsaw made every effort to ensure that our classes did not last until very late hours,” said Jaskot. “But I remember noticing that late classes are sometimes very tiring. That goes especially for the activities that require lots of thinking and last until as late as midnight.”

Jaskot said that succeeding has a lot do to with the work habits, meaning that one can get used to a certain schedule.

He is not used to working late in general, he said.

He usually gets up early in the morning and works when he’s rested.

While he doesn’t like to study late, there are some positives to studying remotely online.

“This form of studying gives me the opportunity to combine my studies with work better,” said Jaskot. “During the day, I work as a theater stage scenery designer.”

When he is not working on the stage scene designs, Jaskot works with his friends on a project called Plastikowa Rewolucja (Precious Plastic).

Their goal is recycling plastic waste into new, everyday items.