Pandemic alters training, practice, teamwork

TRAINER NICK WILSON / Photo courtesy of Detroit Titans Sports Info


The pandemic has put a halt on all sports in the Horizon League, which includes Detroit Mercy.

Because of this, many jobs have had to be adjusted and changed to meet current needs.

Whether it is the front office now doing Zoom meetings instead of meeting in-person or Nick Wilson, the head trainer, having to train outside, things have had to change from top to bottom due to the restrictions now in place.  

“We have had to limit the number of people allowed to train inside,” said Wilson. “And since it is a smaller space, we have started to move a lot of our sessions outdoors.”

Wilson also said it has been difficult coordinating workouts with teams as they have to break up the number of people being trained at a time. 

Before Covid, around 50 people could train at a time.

Due to social distancing, only 14 can train now, which makes the day a lot busier and more packed, meaning fewer breaks between since everyone still needs to get in their training.  

Another change relates to the interaction between coaches and players during practice.

Normally teams would be practicing together. Athletes would be having conversations with teammates and coaches every day.

But pandemic restrictions have brought a bit of a disconnect. 

It is hard for players and coaches to stay connected as a team especially when having to meet online.

“I’m used to being at practice with the guys five to seven days a week, now I have only seen a couple players this fall,” said ErikTaurence, head coach of the men's golf team. 

Some players are staying home if they are from other countries, which is also hard in itself when trying to stay connected as a program. 

Taurence said the biggest thing he misses is watching student-athletes succeed and enjoying the moments they have in competition. 

He said many of these men and women came to Detroit Mercy to play in their sports and compete. 

“Hopefully we can all be back together soon, and these kids can get back to working hard and competing,” said Taurence. 

There will be a decision about competitions in the spring seasons in the upcoming months.