Opinion: Profs have been a bright point in this odd semester

An even more familiar than usual scene during this semester of online courses: a student at her laptop. / VN photo by Devonne Mccullough


It would be an understatement to say that no one could have predicted the type of semester we would be having now.

Like many other students at the University of Detroit Mercy, I have been adjusting to these strange times.

However, I would like to think that I have less of a negative view on the experience.

Yes, I agree that not having a pandemic occur at all would have been preferable, but I also think it is interesting to see how everyone is holding up during the pandemic.

This pandemic is a once-in-a-century ordeal.

A view that I subscribe to is to always deal with the cards you are given to the best of your ability and hopefully end up with a better deck than the one you started with.

Many would agree that the recent cards we have been dealt are less than ideal for all of us.

Regardless of the unfortunate circumstances that surround us, this college semester has had bright points.

Even before the pandemic started, I heard from others that online courses can be either one of the best experiences of your life or one of the worst.

Add to that fact that we have an ongoing pandemic, protests in the streets and a high-stakes election and you’re bound to run into students and faculty who aren’t feeling so well mentally, physically or both.

As someone who will graduate soon, I am taking all online classes this semester. A big concern has been handling the workload for a college course while learning all the material asynchronously.

My professors have been nothing but helpful and caring this semester.

I haven’t talked to many of the faculty that make up Detroit Mercy, but from the experiences that I have had personally they understand how difficult going to classes must be right now.

My professors have helped make the transition as smooth as they can.

I have had professors acknowledge an overwhelming workload and adjust schedules to benefit the class.

I have also had professors grant me an extension on an assignment when I felt that the workload was too much.

By no means does this solve all of the problems that I am currently facing in my life, but it does help to know that there are faculty who care enough for their students to reach out and make an unfortunate situation as good as it can be.

If you are struggling this semester with class or life in general, I highly encourage you to use the resources that we as students are provided.

Not only are there professors who are more than willing to assist you with class, there are also services, such as counseling, that are here for you if you feel in a bad place.

Times are tough right now and you should not feel like you are alone.

Never be afraid to ask for help when you think you need it.