Titans finally defeat Oakland

Photo courtesy of Detroit Titans Sports Info


It’s been a long time coming.

The Titans finally defeated cross-town rivals Oakland University in men’s basketball Saturday – after losing ten straight games to the Grizzlies since 2017.

The Titans have not had the most ideal season between Covid-19 issues and a mental health break.

But Saturday’s win helped erase some of those challenges.

While the Titans lost three earlier matchups to Oakland this season (two by awfully close margins and one in overtime), they conquered the Grizzlies Saturday, Jan. 23.

After losing the night before to the Grizzlies 86-81, the Titans woke angry Saturday – and with a mission to carry out.

They got off to a slow start, trailing early by double digits and throughout the game by even more.

But led by Antoine Davis, they battled back to make it a five-point game, before winning by ten points, 82-72.

Davis scored 27 points and contributed seven assists.

The Titans had never beaten the Grizzlies under Coach Mike Davis’s tenure.

He was incredibly happy to get this win.

This is a big win for the Titans, who are 4-8, and could be a big momentum boost for the future.

The key to success for the rest of the year is for the team to play great defense and have multiple scorers across the board.

In Saturday’s victory, four Titans reached double figures: Davis, Noah Waterman, Dwayne Rose and Bul Kuol.

Detroit Mercy takes on Youngstown State on the road this weekend.