Finding peaceful places in a pandemic


Quiet and contentment may seem like a distant memory in the time of a pandemic, when uncertainty is at its peak.

But Detroit Mercy’s campus has numerous areas for students to enter a more peaceful environment.

“Oddly enough, I often find myself going to the engineering building, because typically you are in an empty class and are able to regain focus,” said a member of Detroit Mercy’s women's lacrosse team.

There is no denying that our campus is more desolate than ever.

Students are finding that perhaps grabbing a coffee or a friend and heading to the second floor of the library might elevate your mood, by offering the opportunity of connecting with others.

The second floor in the library is more social compared to the basement of the library, however.

The basement is as still as frozen water.

This is a place where quiet is required, allowing students to be absorbed strictly in their silent work, such as studying or reading.

If you’re looking to reconnect with nature and take a break from campus, however, there are several spots nearby that offer tranquility as well.

The Detroit Riverwalk is approximately 13 minutes from Detroit Mercy’s McNichols campus. This location provides the chance to stroll by some of Detroit's prominent skyscrapers, right near the water.

You can now reach the MacArthur bridge at Belle Isle.

It allows a glorious view of the Detroit River, especially at sunset.

Another spot for serenity would be the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Reservations are required during the pandemic but it is a delightful place to pass time and ease a stressful, emotional state of mind.

The institution holds many historic works, ranging from ancient sculptures to exquisite paintings.