Column: Faults aside, Barstool should be applauded for business assistance


The owner of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, is known as a hero during these pandemic times.

He started the Barstool Small Business Fund, which recently reached $36 million.

This fund has drawn contributed contributions from many famous people, as well as business owners and average people who have been surviving and doing well during the pandemic. 

Portnoy has been able to save many small businesses across the country and even some in Michigan.

Fredi the Pizza Man, located just outside Detroit in Melvindale, was one of the lucky business owners that Portnoy helped.

Fredi is known around Detroit for his pizza.

But because the pandemic closed his business for some time, he found it tough to make a living. 

Portnoy gave Fredi an undisclosed amount of money from the fund to keep him operating and feeding customers. 

Some people may not like Portnoy for his antics or strong opinions on some issues, but we can all agree that helping thousands of businesses during this tough time is admirable.

Portnoy graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in education. 

He has been successful, starting Barstool in 2003.

Barstool is now known as a worldwide media company that focuses on sports, gambling and just about any news story in the world.