Faith communities help some with troubles, loneliness

The Black Madonna statue on the McNichols Campus. / VN photo by Devonne Mccullough


Faith plays a prominent role at Detroit Mercy, given the university’s Catholic roots.

For some students, it is what makes the university special and different from others.

Because of this, several student organizations revolve around spiritual faith. 

One student who has been impactful around campus in this capacity is Dalonzo Curges, an intern with University Ministry.

He is always there for students when they need him and takes part in many of the faith groups Detroit Mercy, including the Christian Faith Communities program.  

His faith is extremely important to Curges.

“It is the rock that keeps me pushing through all days, especially the ones as of late,” he said. 

Curges has relied on his faith to get him through the tough times of this pandemic. 

During this semester, there are still meetings for these groups – both in-person and virtually.

The Christian Life Communities program offers a path to faith and a way for students to experience the diversity of Detroit Mercy, according to organizers. 

Curges said his faith has helped him get through lonely times on campus, especially with so few people around this and last semester.

These communities offer not just faith to students, they offer support, he said. They are where students come together to listen to one another and help each other through low points they may be facing in their lives. 

All students should feel encouraged to get involved in these programs, he said. It may open them to new possibilities and new friendships.

Whether students are deep within their faith or trying to find their way and start a new one, the Christian Life Communities program offers one way to explore. 

Within these faith communities on campus, pastors are available to talk, whether it be a brief conversation or a deep discussion about things going on in one's life.

Students are invited to take advantage of these opportunities.