Column: Online grad ceremony won’t keep senior from celebrating accomplishments


As most may know by now, we are not having a graduation ceremony.

This wasn’t exactly a shock for me but it still hurts. 

Four years ago, I set out to make a huge accomplishment and I was hoping I'd get to celebrate it with my family and friends.

Covid-19 had other plans for the spring class of 2021.

So we won’t be having an in-person graduation, no grad parties unless socially distanced, of course, and no hugging our classmates we’ve toughed it out with these last few years.

It’s not exactly what any of us were looking for but at least we will have something virtual.

We all set out to accomplish one goal: to receive a degree and, really, that’s all we need.

I personally will be spending my virtual ceremony with my parents, and I will still purchase my cap and gown.

As the first person in my family to receive a bachelor's degree, I will still be proud.

No graduation, but I still have my health and my family and friends cheering for me – just from a distance. I hope you will, too. 

The countdown to May 15 has begun.

Here we come.