Column: Pandemic shatters walk-on-stage moment


Many students who are seniors have been worried about whether the class of 2021 will have a graduation.

The journey through college is incredibly challenging.

The hours that we students dedicate to our studies should be rewarded.

However, this year’s graduation will not be typical. Detroit Mercy has decided to make commencement virtual.

This has been very upsetting because this is a moment that we college students dream of.

Walking across the stage is a huge way of recognizing one of the larger accomplishments that many students will achieve in their lifetimes.

But the dream of walking across the stage is no longer a possibility.

Not with our world healing slowly from the damage inflicted by Covid-19.

In particular, first-generation students are feeling this consequence.

To be the first in your family to graduate from college and not be able to walk across the stage is saddening.

Many of us have dreamed of this big moment.

But it will not become a reality.

Briana Hawk is a senior at the Detroit Mercy majoring in business administration.

“I wanted to feel accomplished,” she said, “but not having a graduation makes me feel as if I didn't accomplish anything”

This is how many seniors feel.

 “Having a virtual commencement is not enough,” she said. “There should indeed be more than that.”

Hopefully, in the future many other students will not have to feel the pain that Detroit Mercy seniors feel today.