Talent show among upcoming Student Life activities


Student Life staff members have faced challenges planning events this semester due to Covid-19, but that has not stopped them from exploring creative ways to engage students.

Assistant Director Adam Hollmann and student employee Jennifer Elias shared their experiences this semester.

“Early in the fall term, online games were a little more successful,” said Hollmann. “However, since the statewide pause, many of the online games have not been as successful. Call it Zoom fatigue or just students wanting to be back to a sense of normalcy.”

Hollmann noted that in-person events have been consistently successful in attracting eight to ten students.

The activities started in the Quad commons lounge area but due to larger numbers were relocated to the Fountain Lounge to have more space to adequately social distance.

Among the upcoming events will be a talent show April 8.

Many more events are coming up, as well, and all of them are free to attend.

When asked what kinds of events he enjoys planning most, Hollmann replied, “I enjoy planning for any student that wants to stay involved in activities despite all the craziness that is occurring around everyone.”

Elias, a student who works and plans events, gave some insights into her own experiences.

She got the job her first semester at Detroit Mercy, and it took her some time to get used to the campus setting and feel.

“I grew to love it more and more each day,” Elias said. “Being a student working for Student Life, I feel that it’s easy to plan events and come up with ideas for activities because I think to myself, ‘As a student, what do I want to see?’ or ‘Would people have fun participating in this?’ ”

Elias enjoys being able to meet new people and plan exciting activities.

“It’s such a pleasure to work with an amazing group of people,” she said.

“As a freshman, when I first came to campus in August, a lot of things were cancelled for us that were supposed to be fun and memorable,” she recalled. “Although many of our activities were over Zoom, it just didn't feel the same. My goal is to kind of bring back the fun that not only (we) freshmen missed out on, but for all students. And with online classes being so hard and stressful on students, it's a great way for them to take a break and to relax.”

Her favorite Student Life event was Octoberfest.

“The music was awesome, there was dancing, and I felt like I was truly getting the college experience,” she said. “For the first time in a long time, in that moment, I felt like things were normal again.”