SGA reaches out to student organization leaders

The Student Government Association executive team for 2021-22. Photo taken from Detroit Mercy website.


Before covid-19 hit, 42 senators belonged to the Student Government Association.

Hampered by stay-at-home orders and hammered by graduation losses, the association lost many members.

This year, leaders are rebuilding by investing plenty of time in recruitment. 

Though the process just recently began, the investment already seems to be paying off, with 17 applicants interviewed in the first weeks.

The SGA plays a key role in developing events, addressing issues of concern to students and granting funds to individual student organizations, according to president Matthew Hutnick.

“One thing we really focus on is giving each organization a stronger foundation, so their organization succeeds in the future,” he said. “We are the channel of communication between UDM students and the administration.”

Hutnick was elected president last October. A senior, he is developmental psychology major and a history minor, and he plans on pursuing law school.

Meeting often, and already having hosted two events this school year, SGA’s new semester is off to a strong start.

One of its major events, the Titan is fast approaching.

“This has been the face of SGA since it’s been around,” said Hutnick. “But having a committed group of students with diverse backgrounds really helps to properly represent all different areas of students on campus from academics to student life.”

Raymond Barber is another member of the SGA executive leadership.

He is working on interviewing the applicants and ensuring that diverse representation.

The process of applying is quick and easy, and student organizations can benefit from funds and recognition.

Students can get involved by visiting Detroit Mercy Live and selecting SGA, and applying virtually from there.