Just in with Jorge: Becoming a fan again


Working for FOX Sports Detroit, I never thought I would take the atmosphere of a sporting event for granted.

Being in the press box, taking interviews, writing articles and editing videos provided a good time, but sometimes I would forget to enjoy the game and, at times, forget where I was and what game I was covering.

Now that I am back at games as a fan (not a worker), my passion for sports has been rekindled.

I was at a Saturday night game at Comerica Park when the Detroit Tigers faced the Cleveland Indians.

Almost every seat was packed as Miguel Cabrera was one home run away from 500.

Although he didn’t get it that night, the atmosphere was something I loved to see as a fan.

When Cabrera stepped off the on-deck circle and made his short walk to home plate, you could see everyone stand as if at a playoff game in October.

It’s been a long time since I caught a packed Tigers game and was excited to (hopefully) witness a moment of history.

To return in-person to a game at your favorite stadium is like arriving at your childhood home where you know where everything is and you feel uplifted just being present.

As a fan, you hope that your favorite team will walk off the field or a court with the win, and you can celebrate every game you attend.

Now I still hope that my favorite team will win, but more than ever I appreciate the spot a sporting event holds in the hearts of fans worldwide.

You wish your team would make the playoff every year until you’re on your deathbed, but that’s more than likely never going to be the case.

Teams will struggle, but loyalty to your team shouldn’t diminish.

Covid-19 meant watching TV games with no fans and cardboard cutouts and virtual screens.

That took away much enjoyment.

But now is the chance to reignite that love.

It seems it’s been so long since you can invite your buddy to go to a game downtown, but now it’s possible once again.

So when you go to see your favorite team and as you grab your favorite stadium food and sit down in your seat, look around.

Take it all in and tell yourself, “It’s good to be home.”