NBA 2K22: More realistic animation adds interest


NBA 2K22 has its pros and cons, and this is coming from an avid player.

NBA 2K9 was the first version I ever played.

Compared to its predecessors, this game, which hit the marketplace Sept. 10, has a few positive upgrades.

The animation is more realistic, and the graphics are the best I have seen in years.

More important, you can create a player in your image. Or, if you are a current collegiate or professional player, you can use your own likeness to play the game.

The clothing brands offer a better selection, too.

One of my favorites is Eric Emanual.

Shoe customization is still available.

One of the best updates is the improvement of playing with friends online.

The makers did an excellent job expanding the “city,” so your player is more able to roam about in the game and has a better variety of places to go.

Just as there are good things about this version, there are disappointments, too.

There are considerable delays when you play in the Jordan Rec Center, which is the same as it was last year.

The jerseys are no different either.

The game may also cause your player to lag.

It is also harder to win because the computer is much more challenging, making it more difficult to earn badges to improve your player.

Despite the few problems with the computer and lack of aesthetic upgrades, I recommend giving NBA 2K22 a try.