Covid shot or waiver needed to register




Detroit Mercy students who don’t have proof of their Covid vaccinations – or a waiver – will find they are unable to register for winter classes, according to President Antoine Garibaldi.

“We have an obligation to provide a safe, on-campus experience,” said Garibaldi in a recent email to students.

Since June 2021, Garibaldi has required students and staff to upload proof of vaccinations or exception forms.

Random surveillance testing began in October at an offsite location with weekly updates of test results to monitor the spread of Covid-19 on campus.

Garibaldi’s mass email provided guidelines and encouraged precautions on campus in an attempt to make the university virus-free.

“Please wear masks indoors, regardless of your vaccination status,” he wrote. “We also urge you to remember that masks only work to slow the spread of the coronavirus if they are worn properly, which means over the nose and under the chin. If you see someone who is not wearing a mask properly, respectfully remind them. If someone reminds you, adjust your mask properly.”

Several students have expressed concerns about the mandatory vaccinations.

“While I am vaccinated and believe in vaccinations, I am ultimately pro-choice,” said senior Kara Wolfbauer.

The university has provided students and staff with a choice to either receive the vaccine or file for an exemption.

“It’s a bit intrusive for those who aren’t vaccinated and are uncomfortable getting the vaccination for medical, religious or other reasons,” said Allison Falk. “Being forced upon something like that seems off, in my opinion.”

When it comes to campus safety, there is a sense of urgency to keep the number of cases low.

With that being a priority, staff and students have been faced with the decision to either fall in line with these precautions or becomes estranged from the university.

“We do this because we care,” said Garibaldi in his most recent announcement.