Dwayne Rose: Vaccinated or not, we must respect one another


The age of Covid-19 has caused a lot of problems in our world – physically, mentally and politically.

It has taken millions of innocent lives and forever damaged victims’ families.

There has been plenty of debate about whether you should be vaccinated or not.

While many believe being vaccinated will help not only themselves but others around them, some others resist, saying it is their body and their choice.

At the end of the day, everyone has an opinion about how they feel about certain things

But this does not give one the right to judge those who feel they are doing what is right for themselves.

In these times, it is important to care for one another – whether they are vaccinated. There is no room for judging.

Jordan Jones, a local worker, was open about whether he was vaccinated or not.

“For me personally, I understand those that received the vaccine but for me I didn’t feel comfortable doing so.”

Jones said that he sees no point of rushing to get the vaccine because there are people still testing positive for the virus even with it.

(No vaccination offers one hundred percent prevention.)

Even though he is not alone, there is a lot of information that contradicts his view.

Mikayla Bryant, another local worker, is vaccinated.

She is angered to see so many people not receiving the vaccines.

She finds it selfish that some refuse to get vaccinated.

“You should want to get vaccinated for the sake of your family’s health and (your) colleagues’. Some people are overreacting,” she said.

Bryant said she is happily vaccinated and encourage others to get shots.

As humans it is best to not judge others and try to understand each other’s situations.

We must care for each other.