Just in with Jorge: Reporter’s board work draws national attention


As a journalist, whether you’re in front of a camera or behind the scenes doing interviews and prepping your story, you look for new ways to make a story stand out.

Reporter Victor Williams has been with WDIV Local 4 for two years. Previously, he worked for WOIO in Cleveland, Ohio; WLOX News in Biloxi, Miss.; and WBBJ in Jackson, Tenn.

He obviously has journalistic experience, but the 27-year-old also has experience on a skateboard – and it came into play in a big way recently.

Williams has been skateboarding since his youth.

In mid-October, he did a story on a skateboard instructor, Mr. Premium, at Chandler Skate Park.

At the end of the segment, Williams dropped in and did a few tricks while doing his final stand-up.

Whose idea was it?

“That was all me,” said Williams. “I’ve been doing this for a while, and I’ve always skateboarded at every station I’ve gone to while reporting. I’ve been pitching this idea for a while, and they finally gave me the green light.”

Williams gives credit to Local 4 coworkers for allowing him to be creative.

Other stations limited – and even shut down – his on-air skateboarding.

Williams’ story took off after it got re-published on SportsCenter’s social media pages and by other news outlets.

But it wasn’t just journalistic colleagues and friends who supported him.

Williams’ segment got shared by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

“It was a mind-blowing moment, but at the same time a dream come true,” Williams said. “I remember growing up playing his video games, watching his highlights and seeing him at the X-Games. It was unreal to me. That was something I never thought would happen.”

Williams and Hawk had a discussion, which was posted on Williams’ Instagram.

Hawk credited Williams as a professional and what he’s done for himself, which gave the reporter a double stamp of approval.

On Twitter, the video has over five million views.

Pro skateboarders like Boo Johnson, Corey Duffel and others have credited the reporter’s skills.

So, what’s next for Williams?

Well, that’s something the journalist is still trying to figure out.

Williams said he doesn’t just want to be known as the skateboarding journalist.

He still wants to be taken seriously as a reporter.

But he knows that big plans will be dropping in for him.