Are Titans about more than individual performances?


After five-straight losses on the road, the Titans await their first Horizon League game Dec. 2 against IUPUI.

Leading the scoring has been Antoine Davis.

Since the start of the 2021-22 season, Davis has surpassed two more players to move his way up to sixth for the most points in Horizon League history.

It hasn’t just been Davis who has put up points and made an impact.

Junior forward Madut Akec has made his presence known with two straight double-doubles against Hofstra and Louisville.

Despite the impressive individual performances, what is missing so far from this anticipated team is wins.

Although these are only preseason matchups, the Titans are 0-5 and have one more preseason game against Northeastern in Boston.

Being ranked fifth in the preseason poll was a shock to many, especially being ranked above Oakland since the last ten matchups against each other have been 9-1 in favor of Oakland.

The Titans won’t be home for their first time until Dec. 11 against Western Michigan for a non-league matchup but will have their first home Horizon League game against Youngstown State on Dec. 30.

You cannot say that this team has never been in a position like this before.

Last season, the Titans did start the season rocky but ended 12-10 overall and 10-6 in conference.

During the 2021 media day, coach Mike Davis said he was confident in his staff and proud that Detroit Mercy is building a “program” and not a team.

With all the individual success from Antoine Davis, the senior is now seen as a leader among his peers and his coaching staff.

The test for the 23-year-old is whether he can lead his team to a championship.

Davis has led the team in turnovers and putting up 20 shots a game averaging around a .35 field goal percentage in the past five games.

Davis’ best numbers came against Nostra, shooting .45 from the field and going eight for 15 from three-point range.

This is more than likely the end of his collegiate career, and the individual accolades have increased. But what is missing from the list is a championship.

Even if it’s not the NCAA championship, the Horizon League championship would be a nice prize.

Last season ended in a disappointing one-point loss to NKU in the quarterfinals.

It will be ten years in 2022 since the Titans last won it all.