Martinez will step in as interim Varsity News advisor

Varsity News advisor Tom Stanton, pictured with students in New York, will be on leave next semester.


Since 2008, professor Tom Stanton has been an advisor/mentor to students of The Varsity News.

But in December, he will be stepping aside, taking a leave of absence due to family matters.

“For next semester, I won’t be doing anything (related to the university). Informally, if students want to reach out, I’ll certainly respond and help,” said Stanton. “But I will be off.”

Stanton’s contributions have gone beyond the university; some may say beyond the state.

Each spring, the associate professor would choose dedicated workers with The Varsity News to attend the national college media convention in New York City.

Stanton wanted the students to experience New York and as much of the convention as they desired. Especially for those wishing to go into journalism as a profession, it was an excellent opportunity.

“I know it’s a difficult environment to make it in journalism, but my students who are really into it do make it… There are opportunities available to them,” said Stanton.

One of those who has genuinely made it will become interim advisor of The Varsity News in January.

Michael Martinez, class of 2012, will be taking charge.

He has an impressive background, currently working at The Automotive News as a reporter covering Ford Motor Co., Tesla, the UAW and industry trends.

When he was with The Detroit News, Martinez was awarded Young Journalist of the Year by the Society of Professional Journalists in Detroit.

Martinez also has an impressive sports background as a sports editor for The Varsity News and a former intern with MLB.

His mentor Stanton is author of multiple sport-related books, including “Ty and the Babe,” “Hank Aaron and the Home Run That Changed America” and New York Times bestseller “Terror in the City of Champions.”

The Detroit sports fanatic also has awards to add to his list of achievements, like the Knight-Wallace Fellowship and Michigan Author of the Year in 2008.

Although this isn’t goodbye for Stanton, it’s a new chapter for The Varsity News as students will see new faces and possibly changes to come in the foreseeable future.

With 13 years as an advisor under his belt and assistance for many students who cared deeply about the same craft and passion, Stanton said firmly that this isn’t goodbye and that The Varsity News team will be in good hands.