Antoine Davis recounts his path to breaking the school scoring record

In the seventh grade I was bitten by the overconfidence bug, but reality was the prescribed treatment for it. 

I was so sure that I had made it, but I was cut from my 7th grade basketball team. 

Fast forward 10 years and that same kid is standing at the free throw line on Jan. 7 at Calihan Hall shooting to either tie the school’s scoring record or pass it. 

Once I saw the first free throw go down, it relaxed me.  

I knew I was now at least tied, so every point from there on out was a bonus. 

I know people in these situations always talk about how surreal they are, but that is the best way to describe it. 

It was such a blessing to be able to break the record in front of the fans, and more importantly in front of my family. 

My dad and older brother are always at the games as coaches, but for my mom and Nana to be there, too, made it extra special. 

For it to be on ESPN2 did not hurt either.  

Remember when I said it was surreal? 

Well, it was for another reason, too. 

I passed some great players to become the new scoring leader. To dethrone Rashad Phillips is a true honor. 

Phillips held the number one spot for the past 20 plus years with 2,319 points. 

I can’t stop pinching myself because now I hold that coveted spot. 

I have put in countless hours of work in the gym, so those who are close to me aren’t surprised by the accomplishments. 

I have come a long way from not having my name called 10 years ago to having my name recorded in the history books at my university. 

Antoine Davis hugs his mother after breaking the school's scoring record.