Fifth ‘Scream’ movie a worthy addition to iconic horror series

‘Scream’ first appeared in theaters in 1996 and the franchise has gone on to become one of the most popular horror series known to man.

After the original, director Wes Craven produced three additional films over fifteen years that continued the legacy of the silent killer Ghostface. Although there was talk of a fifth movie, Craven died in 2015 before it could be made.

Now, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett have given us the next installment to the horror classic set in Woodsboro, Calif., more than a decade after ‘Scream 4.’

‘Scream’ shows Tara Carpenter, played by Jenna Ortega, being attacked by Ghostface due to her estranged sister's past. After her sister Sam comes out of hiding she has to go after her young sister's attacker to find out who it may be and to stop them.

After many close friends, classmates and residents of Woodsboro have been attacked and murdered, Sam has to reveal who it may be. Tara has five friends around her. No one can trust each other in the small town. The young teens have to stay on their p’s and q’s to make sure no one is left alone while the serial killer is on the loose.

But the real question is, could it be the one that is closest to you? ‘Scream’ shows that you cannot trust anyone, not even your friends or family.

Although Tara has not seen her sister Sam in years, she has to learn to lean on her sister Sam to make it out. That is when the two find out in end all they ever needed – and have – is each other.

Ultimately, you could tell this movie was not directed by Craven. The new directors did not dig deep like Craven would have.

It did not go out with a bang like I was expecting and excited for, but they did what they could do, so I respect the directors for even making the movie and giving us a fifth installment.