Vaccines, masks our only way out of this pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world and has given the impression that it is getting worse and worse. 

The virus caused a lot of damage when it started, prompting lockdowns across the country and the closure of many schools, offices and other businesses that made it hard for the poor to survive. We even saw all sporting events being suspended, including professional leagues like the NBA and NFL.

The pandemic has diminished in some respects but is still here, largely because some people do not want to respect safety measures.

We must realize that we can fight this virus only if we get vaccinated and respect the measures such as wearing masks and washing our hands constantly. 

Personally, I believe mask mandate and vaccine requirements are of paramount importance if we really want this pandemic to go away and get to our normal lifestyles. I think people that are not wearing their masks or do not want to get the vaccine are selfish and just thinking about themselves because we all should be on the same page and fight this virus. 

Masks and the vaccine will just prevent us from spreading the virus more than it is already. We should hold each other accountable and make sure everybody wears their mask in public and convince everybody to get their vaccine so we can fight this pandemic and get back to our normal lifestyle.