Junior juggles unique majors: theatre and biology

Jade Sibert typically splits her days between Shakespeare and science.

Sibert, a junior at Detroit Mercy, is a double major in two fields of study that could not be more differ- ent from one another: Theatre and Biology. Why?

“I decided to double major because science and theatre are two things I love and enjoy,” she told The Varsity News. “I didn’t want to go to college and not do either, so UDM was perfect for me because it allows me to explore all of my interests.”

While reciting lines on a stage couldn’t be farther from sequencing strands of DNA under a microscope,

Sibert said the process of studying both fields isn’t that dissimilar.

“I usually go home and review my notes from class every day or sometimes I rewrite them to have a summary of what I learned,” Sibert said. “Biology and Theatre aren’t much different in terms of studying for me because they both require me to not only dig deeper about the specific character or even a specific physiological response of the body but then I have to think about how does this connect to the other char- acters or how does this impact the body overall.”

By connecting the two things she loves, Sibert makes Theater and Biology seem as if it was the same field of study. However, Sibert said people often question her decision.

“Most of the time when I tell people, they seem to be shocked because the two majors don’t have a ton in common,” she said. “People also seem to be impressed or they realize you can have interest in more than one thing and they don’t have to be similar at all.”

What does she intend to do in the future?

“Post-graduation, I plan to pursue higher education like a Ph.D. or a master’s degree,” she said. “I am still trying to find ways to incorporate both aspects of my degree into my future and I’m thinking about how I can build my career around biology and theatre. I’m really excited to see what happens.”