Ready for finals? Students share study tips


It is that time of the year again – finals are around the corner for everyone.

This is a crucial time of the year and every student wants to finish the semester strong. But for freshmen in particular, finals week can be an especially daunting experience. The Varsity News reached out to three upperclassmen to get their thoughts and opinions on the best way to properly prepare yourself for the final tests and assignments to come the next few weeks.

Sophie Torcello, a senior Busi– ness major, recommended that students should “start early.”

She mentioned that the earlier you start studying, the more pre- pared you will be for your finals.

Torcello noted that, even if you’re swamped with multiple assignments and papers, it’s import- ant to set aside at least a little time to review notes or study guides.

“Something is better than nothing,” she said.

Kevin Dalton, a senior Communications Studies major, said he picked up a unique study strategy off the internet that has helped him in the past.

He groups information into three buckets depending on whether they’ll be on the final: “definitely,” “probably,” and “might be.” That

helps him focus on how to study, and he said it’s helped him gain more knowledge on the courses he’s taking.

When it comes to studying, there is no right or wrong answer; it is all about what works best for an individual person.

Jasmine Prater, another upper- classman, said she learns best in study groups with other students that she might share the class with or had previous classes with.

“When I study in study groups, it allows us to pick each other’s mind and decide the important things to study regarding the final,” Prater said.

While she said studying in groups is her preferred method, she admitted that it’s tough sometimes getting everyone on the same

schedule to meet in person or virtually.
Overall, there are plenty of ways you can work

towards passing your finals and finishing the semester strong.