Monkeypox protocols on campus

In addition to COVID-19, students this semester have another potential- ly harmful disease to be mindful of: monkeypox.

While no cases have been confirmed on campus, a recent global outbreak has included more than 20,000 cases throughout the U.S. with about 250 in Michigan, according to state health officials. The rare disease, primarily caused through skin-to-skin contact, causes rashes that look like pimples or blisters that can appear on the inside of the mouth, face, hands, feet and chest.

The university says it’s making strides to reduce the spread of diseases like monkeypox along
with COVID-19 and other illnesses.
School officials say there’s current– ly a minimal risk of contracting monkeypox, although students can contact the University Wellness Center at 313-993-1185 to schedule an appointment for evaluation or their own medical provider, if they want to get tested for a suspected case.

If a case is confirmed on campus, the university says people who have been exposed to the infected person would be notified following contact tracing. The individual with monkeypox would not be allowed to return to in-person activity without clearance from a medical provider.

The university said the duration of isolation for a Monkeypox infection is approximately three to four weeks.