As graduation nears, seniors reflect on college life

Senior year, for most students, is a time of feeling accomplished and making plans for the future. After several years of studying hard, attending sports events and making the most of the college experience, that chapter comes to a close. Excitement flows through these students as they take the next steps into their adult life.

Along with excitement, there can also be a general nervousness and perhaps even melancholy arising in this group as they are leaving this familiar place, with so many memories and friendships, behind.

“Of course I’ll miss it here, living on campus and being on the track team made me feel involved and I made so many friends through that,” said Avery Duncan, a transfer student in his final year at Detroit Mercy. “I’m happy that I’m done with school but sad that I won’t be here anymore.”

This is a common theme among students completing their final semesters, yet the grief of sudden change seems to always be accompanied by an eagerness to reach this newfound freedom.

“After putting in years of studying, it feels good to watch it pay off and I’m looking forward to explor- ing careers that my Biology degree prepared me for,” said Sara Koyral, who is in her fourth and final year at the university.

“I’m hoping to find a job in Biomedical Engineering after I graduate, after studying biology for four years I’ve learned that I’m extremely passionate about medicine,” said senior Eric Stamatin. “My professors have all been great at making sure that we are ready to take on whatever job we aim to get after leaving here.”