Auto show’s return a success

For 30 years, the North American International Auto Show was held in Detroit, every January, to showcase new vehicles and concepts from automotive manufacturers all over the globe.

It is host to hundreds of cars, thousands of people, and many dif- ferent companies showing off their products. Because of this, NAIAS has been one of the most important automotive events in America.

That streak ended over three years ago, in January 2019. Organizers at the time planned to move the show to June the following year with a new indoor-outdoor format. But the coronavirus pandemic forced the show’s cancellation for the next two years.

Heading ino 2022, organizers abandoned their unrealized plans for a summer show in favor of one in September.

I have been attending the auto show ever since I can remember. We never missed a year, filling our camera with photos and making fond memories each visit.

On September14th, we were able to do it again. We arrived at Huntington Place, got our tickets and proceeded to take photos of the vehicles on display. Being in the Motor City, there was no surprise that Ford, Stellantis (parent company of brands like Jeep and Dodge), and General Motors took center stage. Subaru, Toyota, Nissan, and many others also made an appearance, but it was clear who took the return of the NAIAS as an opportunity.

It was an exciting event for many automotive gurus, as there were many concepts and vehicle unveilings that took part in this event.
Ford made a big ruckus the day before with their unveiling of the seventh-generation Mustang at Hart Plaza downtown. They unveiled multiple models, including a surprise Dark Horse performance variant, as well as the return of the fan-favorite V-8 engine and 6-speed manual transmission.

Dodge had already released their eMuscle concept a few days prior at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, but displayed it at the auto show for all to see. Both Detroit muscle cars, although vastly different, were elegant and aggressive. In addition to the vehicles inside, attendees also received free admission to the out- door event at Hart Plaza, just down the street. The event included food trucks, monster trucks, stunts and much more.

The auto show has served its purpose as a battle for automotive manufacturers, but also serves as an opportunity for those looking for a new vehicle. Automotive manufac- turers know this, so in addition to the new vehicles and concepts, they bring all of the current models they offer, giving consumers a chance to see their products.

Overall, I thought NAIAS was a success. The ride-along events inside Huntington Place were a great attraction for those looking to experience the automotive manufactur- ers’ creations. The outdoor event had amazing food trucks that not only benefited the customers, but also benefited the small businesses that hosted the event. And the overall excitement of the return of NAIAS created anticipation for all, especially the city of Detroit.