Detroit rapper Baby Money shines in new album

As music and entertainment become an even bigger staple in the United States, new artists emerge on a daily basis trying to be the next one to “make it out” of their current situation and into a new, better one. Based on his latest album, emerging Detroit artist Baby Money’s popularity is just beginning.

Late last month Baby Money released an album titled “New Money.” As a supporter of his music I had to give it a listen and share my thoughts on it.

Baby Money has proven with his songs in the past that he could stand on tracks by himself and make a hit, but this was
his chance to spark something new with a couple features.

The album released with 16 total songs with three having features from other known artists such as Tay B, GT, Mozzy and Jeezy. Leading up to the album he dropped three songs early to build the hype. Having those three songs already out and on fire, the hype around this releasing album was unmatched. On the release of the album I listened through to grasp a feeling of the album and picked out a few of my early favorites, but a second listen is always needed. This is where I realized this album was an absolute hit.

Some of my favorite songs are “Tables Turn,” “Keep Quiet,” and “No Mask,” just to name a few. These do not even include the songs he released before the actual album release, which I also like.

On the other side of things, with the exception of the song featuring Tay B, all of the features pretty much held him down in terms of keeping up with the flow of the album. In my honest and respectful opinion, those features disappointed and may have lessened the overall experience of the album.

Overall, however, “New Money” by Baby Money was a great listen and I would recommend anyone who has a love for modern Detroit rap to give this a listen. It was well worth the time.