Halloween traditions

Senior Adjunct Professor Larry Kazmirowski’s family loves Halloween so much, even their pets get in on the action.

“My family is very into costumes and Halloween,” said Kazmirowski, who teaches psychology. “My daughter even had a Halloween party this weekend for dogs. Her corgi was dressed as a paper towel.”

Kazmirowski’s love of Halloween and everything that comes with it is just one example of how the holiday has gained in popularity in recent years, especially at the University of Detroit Mercy.

In past years, you could spot a collection of costumes and high spirits around campus on Halloween with both students and professors joining in on the festivities.

Family is a big part of Halloween for a lot of people. Holidays can bring people together in a lot of ways which leads to family traditions.

“Right now the focus is on hand- made decorations with granddaughters,” said Kazmirowski. “And on Halloween, we will all be together at my son’s house for trick or treating with the requirement of a costume, of course.”

Costumes are an integral part of Halloween and it seems to be the consensus that if you do not dress up, you’re missing out.

“Of course, I dress up,” said senior Spenser Rykwalder. “Last year I went as Little Mac from ‘Super Smash Brothers.’”

Whether they are handmade or from a pop-up Halloween store, costumes let people express their interests and creativity.

Although Kazmirowski does not have a plan right now for this year, he certainly has a rich history of exuberant costumes.

“[My wife] was a piece of cheese and I was a giant rat,” he said. “Then we decided she will be the football player and I will be the cheerleader.”

There is a lot of fun to be had when deciding on a costume. A creative duo can think of great things or a group of friends can come together such as Rykwalder and his friends.

“We were thinking about cutting some Busch Light boxes up and going as ‘Busch Knights’ which we thought was clever,” said Rykwalder.

Halloween allows for people to be creative in a variety of ways and that can even include food too.

“There is always a Halloween-themed meal, as well,” said Kazmirowski. “The granddaughters will be carving big orange peppers like jack-o’-lanterns and then filling them with spaghetti to look like blood.”

While most people think of candy as the number one food for the holiday, meals can come in all shapes and sizes.

With the amount of pumpkin-flavored items in your local grocery store during autumn, there is always something to make.

“It sometimes feels like there are too many pumpkin things but it gets me in the holiday spirit so I don’t mind it,” said Freshman Bryan Martinez.

From cookies to coffee, pumpkin takes over America every year in celebration of the holiday and the season.

“I have heard the pumpkin Oreos are good,” said Martinez. “I think some things don’t need to be pumpkin flavored, like Jell-O, but I am willing to try new things.”

Halloween is a time to enjoy and express yourself. Detroit Mercy has students and faculty that go the extra mile to embrace the holiday.

“We all have fun,” said Kazmirowski. “And we all are together, dressed up, you can’t ask for anything better.”