Ideas for improving campus

Within the last several years, The University of Detroit Mercy has tak- en strides towards improving campus structures and facilities in a bid to create a more welcoming, modern environment for staff and students.

The university recently renovated the Student Union, is in the process of updating the North Quad dorms and has many more projects on tap. Students and faculty are largely supportive of the changes, however some have their own ideas as to how officials could further improve campus life.

The Rev. Bernie Owens, a faculty member for over thirteen years who works in the University Ministry office, has witnessed these changes as well as recognizes where further upgrades can be made.

“The Student Union was a great addition to the school, and now turning focus to improving Mission Integration by assuring full-time staffing in the office would be highly beneficial,” he said. “Knowing that there is always someone there to help is integral to spiritual tradition.”

Furthermore, Owens highlighted several layout changes that would elevate the overall look of the McNichols campus grounds.

“If the North parking lot were to be redone, it would be more compli- mentary to the track field,” he said.

The decision to tear down Reno Hall, to him, is a step in the right direction.

In terms of student life, several suggestions were made regarding resources and outlets available to them on campus.

“Having more food options than Subway and cafeteria food could definitely benefit the school,” said Sara Koryal, who is in her fourth year at Detroit Mercy.

Also a senior, George Brown added, “I’d like to have vending machines in the hallways outside my classes for when I get hungry during breaks.”

With most of the buildings occupied by classrooms having designated break-rooms, just not on every floor and in every building, students agree that there is still always room for improvement and elevating their college experience.