Livernois corridor most known for fashion has been reinvigorated with new eateries

The University of Detroit Mercy has been at the corner of McNichols and Livernois since its establishment in 1927, when it was expanded from Detroit College to the University of Detroit.

Since then, the surrounding area has been known as the “University District.” One of the district’s main attractions is the Avenue of Fashion, located along Livernois between 7 Mile and 8 Mile.

The Avenue of Fashion was once a vibrant and popular shopping district, with an opulent American jazz history, fashionable shopping and an African-American cultural heritage that shaped the life and business of Livernois. Sadly, in the past 20 years, the area suffered from some hard times that saw businesses close and empty storefronts fall into disrepair, but now with the city of Detroit funding improvements around the city, the Avenue of Fashion has made a comeback.

Since 2019, a massive street renovation project has increased the District’s public view. New roads have been paved, buildings have been built, and restaurants have been established.

Since the renovation, six new businesses have been established, along with four new restaurants, including one called Table No. 2.

Chef Omar Mitchell opened up the white-tablecloth restaurant in 2019, right before the construction on Livernois.

Since construction has been completed, and with the new renovations of the district, business has been booming.

“I have a great deal of love and passion and dedication for what I do,” Mitchell said. “And because I have had such a great experience so far at Table No. 2, I know that it works.”

Table No. 2 is decorated and built with an elegant design, and the menu features a massive seafood tower of appetizers, sizzling side dishes and a 32-oz. ribeye.

For those who need a caffeine pick-me-up, another new business along the Avenue is Narrow Way Cafe & Shop. Established in mid-2016, Narrow Way provides quality coffee and baked goods to its customers.

The atmosphere is calm and welcoming, and the owners have a “stress-free” motto.

During the summer, the garage door in the front is open, providing a cool breeze.

The café recently introduced a “java club,” where members receive monthly shipments of coffee, a special mug and discounts on food items, among other perks.