This Thanksgiving, I’m looking toward brighter days ahead

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we must spend time with our family and friends to make lasting memories.

The world is going through some very divisive times — economic destabilization, war, political strife, pandemics and mass shootings. These last few years have resulted in the deaths of millions of people — family members, friends and neighbors. The horrid atrocities that are impacting our world have required resilience and willpower daily from all of us.

Despite these challenges, we are still here and standing strong — together.

Celebrating Thanksgiving is controversial, because it’s attached to genocide, trauma and suffering, which should never be forgotten. However, this holiday has transformed into a day that centers around family, community and the reprioritization of our values.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be thankful. There has been so much grief and heartache that has plagued our lives, but this year’s Thanksgiving celebration will give us the opportunity to reflect on the year we’ve had, appreciate the formative experiences gained and be thankful for the resolve we will continue to find as the year comes to an end.

When celebrating this holiday, it is imperative that we remain open to growth, committed to service and appreciative of the opportunity to be alive.

On Thanksgiving, everyone should consider taking time out of their day to support and connect with someone who may not have the resources or ability to enjoy this holiday.

There are several non-profit organization to support on Thanksgiving: Gleaners Meals on Wheels, Forgot- ten Harvest, Focus Hope, COTS and the Hive.

Enjoy this holiday season and remember that brighter days are ahead if we all stick together and be thankful for where we are currently in our lives.