COVID-19 almost got me

The coronavirus has impacted millions of people around the world and it almost killed me.

Nearly 6.63 million people died from COVID-19 and there are over 643 million confirmed cases. Unfortunately, I was one of the 643 million confirmed cases due to poor judgment and my increased need to go have a good time after remaining quarantined for a year and a half.

I was locked in the house and rarely got out of bed. I learned how to knit, binge watched over 15 shows and gained over 50 pounds. This was a very depressing time in my life and I promised myself that when quarantine ended I would not take a single day for granted.

When quarantine ended, bars, restaurants and movie theaters started opening. I was a little hesitant to start mingling with people again, however I knew my time was going to come.

My best friend invited me to a party and I looked up to the sky and had a private conversation with God.

I quietly whispered, “this is my moment.” I purchased a new outfit, got a haircut and I even cleaned out my car; I was ready to party.

I get to the party at a local club in Greektown. There were so many people there, but I had a few drinks, started dancing, took off my mask and all my worries went away.

I woke up the next morning with a headache, but I had a smile on my face.

A few days after the party, I woke up with a fever and coughing — gasping for air. Also, I kept losing my balance. My mom picked me up from my apartment and took me to the hospital.

On the way there my friend called me and said that a lot of the people who went to the party have COVID-19 and he suggested that I get tested. I was furious, but when the doctors confirmed that I had the virus I burst into tears.

I spent a week in the hospital alone, on-and-off a ventilator and worried that I would never see my family again.

Thankfully, I made a full recovery and my family greeted me with smiles and Lysol spray.

COVID-19 is a horrid virus that is still impacting people.

I urge everyone to remain healthy and consider getting vaccinated — if you haven’t already.