Junior loves lacrosse, wants to start car company

Ally Don Jean-Francois, a junior lacrosse player at Detroit Mercy, is Haitian and Bahamian, but doesn’t mind the cold of Detroit.

Recruited from a high school in North Las Vegas, he has played lacrosse for eight years and is very passionate about the game.

When asked why he picked Detroit Mercy, he said he’s very religious and believes that God puts him wherever he is meant to be.

When he is not on the field, he says he’s hanging out in the Quads, or in the engineering building, work- ing on his Mechanical Engineering degree.

He says being a student-athlete is tough, but you have to have the determination and will to do it successfully.

“I know college athletes are looked at crazy because of the ded- ication, but you must be passionate for it to work,” he said.

Jean-Francois said it’s always been his dream to play lacrosse at the collegiate level, and he plans on going professional after he gradu- ates.

With his degree, he plans on working in the automobile industry, and eventually establishing his own car company.

One of his role models is his high school coach, who he still trains with to this day.

Coach Kailen, who puts emphasis on physical development, improved his lacrosse team’s performance as a whole and is also very encouraging to him while he’s in college.

He’s gotten a chance to explore Detroit a bit since he’s been on campus and has enjoyed visiting the downtown area and eating coney dogs.

Nonetheless, he says he isn’t too concerned with exploring Detroit since he doesn’t have much time to do it anyways between class and practice.

The lacrosse season starts next semester and Jean-Francois said he’ll be ready.