Popular trio continue in ‘The Grand Tour’

Since 1977, the British Broadcasting Corporation has hosted a show called “Top Gear,” where car enthusiast hosts would show off cars in stunts, reviews, road trips and documentaries. The show had decent success, until 1988 when the BBC hired car journalist Jeremy Clarkson as its new show host. After 10 more years of a successful show, the BBC had finally pulled the plug on the live car show in 1998.

In 2002, the BBC realized Top Gear was a fan-favorite, and after four years and numerous requests, the car show was back.

Jeremy Clarkson returned, but with another host, Richard Hammond. The two had a very successful first year with the BBC, with the relaunch being one of the most commercially successful programs from the BBC. They were so successful in fact, in 2003, they added one more host, James May.

The three former car journalists toured the world, showed off cars and published amazing documentaries. In 2015, with some discussion and disagreement between the hosts and director, the BBC parted ways with the trio. The success of the show earned Top Gear 18 Emmy Nominations, winning 12 Emmys in the trio’s 13-year run.

Top Gear still ran with new hosts, but it wasn’t the same.

Top Gear fans around the world had missed the trio. There was discussion and doubts over the car community’s favorite hosts, but that didn’t last long.

In 2016, Amazon Prime announced a part- nership with the hosts, planning to produce an all new show, and in late 2016, The Grand Tour premiered. Clarkson, Hammond and May were back. The show was a hit. The theme for season one revolved around a “traveling tent” where the trio would host their show filled with car discussion, unscripted adventures, celebrity guests and a live audience.

Seasons two and three had the same theme, this time the tent was permanently in the UK, but with their own racetrack. The show returned the unscripted story format, was shown in 196 different countries and territories and had 12 episodes for each of the three seasons. It was a success.

The Grand Tour was only contracted for three seasons, but with high praise and demand from its viewers, it was renewed for another season. Season four consisted of four episodes of adventure around the world but sadly COVID-19 put a pause on the show. Once again, fans of the show had feared the worst, that the trio was done.

The relationship that had formed between Clarkson, Hammond and May had become so strong, that they knew it wouldn’t end. In 2022, Amazon Prime announced a fifth season of The Grand Tour, and on September 22nd, 2022, season five premiered.

With critics and enthusiasts falling in love with the show, there has been nothing but praise for the trio.