Excited for graduation, ready for what’s next

My college journey at the University of Detroit Mercy is almost over and I cannot wait to prioritize my aspirations.

My college journey was adverse due to a global pandemic, which started during my freshman year.

The tragedies of the pandemic were devastating, but quarantine and remote classes provided me with the opportunity to focus on my career.
I was able to maximize the impact of my foundation, engage with new communities and join new boards.

This has provided me with real world experiences that have shaped my understanding of the philanthropic ecosystem. There are so many things I have been able to accomplish, but my progress has been stunted.

The shift from remote school to in-person learning has drastically affected my ability to prioritize my work outside of the classroom, which could potentially change the way we view philanthropy in Michigan. There are so many things that have become burdensome due to this switch: the commute to the university cuts into my time to complete my tasks, specific frivolous assignments that do not align with my current interest or aspirations and the lack of empathy from a few of the university’s staff around my unorthodox work schedule.

When I graduate, my colleagues and I will expedite our campaign, curriculum and engagement strategy around Critical Youth Theory —the intentional resistance of a set
of ideas that have historically and culturally stopped young people for holding positions of power by inspiring true innovation and ethical action with a lasting impact.

I have appreciated the support and guidance from Professor Hichel, Professor Langham and Professor Martinez who have remained committed to my success at UDM. Their impact has helped me believe that I can really have a boundless future.

I have an unwavering commitment for service, community development, youth-led initiatives, ethical fundraising and the act of mission-driven giving. I’m eager to complete my educational journey at this institution.

Detroit Mercy is a wonderful university with great professors, but I’m ready to graduate and focus on serving my own community and achieving my aspirations outside of the classroom.