Students seek Greek life due to focus on service

When you hear of Greek life on campus, the first impression you may have is what you see in the movies: a lot of parties, drinking and various shenanigans.

What many don’t realize is that that Greek organizations strive to uphold missions of service.

Service and unity through Greek life allow organizations to collaborate for a greater purpose, whether that be for communities, education, struggling families, youth or so many other causes.

Zach Cotton, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Rho Nu Chapter, joined in Spring 2022 with the goal of service in mind.

“Community service is important to me because I can remember a time when I was less fortunate, so assisting those in need is something that hits home,” he said. “It’s a chance for both sides to learn from each other because the people that are less fortunate have so much to offer, especially wisdom.”

He said the fraternity’s motto – “culture for service, service for humanity” – is something he strives to uphold.

“Bring your unique cultural background to the table to assist those in need in order to foster a better world,” said Cotton.

Fraternities and sororities on campus have missions that have been established since their respected organizations came to be. With many having similar values and responsibilities that need to be upheld, unity among groups has made it easier to accomplish the mission that is at hand and also building a community of trust between organizations on campus.

“It builds unity by building relationships and friendships for life,” said Kyndal Wofford, a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Delta Psi Chapter, who joined in Spring 2022. “You get used to the same Greek community and get used to the same familiar faces. You are able to depend on them especially with some organizations having the same beliefs like public service.”

Since the semester started, both organizations are back to work while juggling school, personal and Greek life responsibilities.

Wofford and her sisters are currently focused on a collaboration with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity regarding a tutoring program.

“We’ve done a couple collaborations,” she said. “My favorite would be the tutoring we do with the Pi Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the SDM2 Project Education to help students falling behind get the help and mentorship they deserve.”

Cotton reflected on his past efforts and also the upcoming events his brothers will be hosting this semester.

“Last semester my chapter had an opportunity to co-host a toy drive with the Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity,” he said. “We collected a good amount of toys for children during the holiday season. Another event that we have coming up is a blood drive with the American Red Cross and Tri Sigma has volunteered to help us out running the drive.”

Whether it’s tutoring, blood drives, or any form of service for others, the mission of unity through service can speak to both small and large campuses.