Tuition raised 4 percent for next academic year

Undergraduate tuition at the University of Detroit Mercy’s McNichols campus will rise four percent to $32,300 for the 2023-24 academic year after the university’s board of trustees approved the increase last month, according to UDM President Donald Taylor.

That equates to $16,150 per term for an undergrad taking between 12-18 credits, a university spokesman said. This current year, that rate is $15,529 per term.

The four percent increase follows a three percent raise last year, before Taylor joined the university. Taylor said in an interview that most academic institutions are approving six or seven percent raises this year to better match inflation rates but that he did not feel comfortable with those numbers.

“My wife and I are both first-gen [college graduates], both came from backgrounds where our families didn’t have a lot of money,” he told The Varsity News. “So I’m very cost-conscious. “[The increase is] going to be less than all of our peers.”

While the tuition rate is increasing, numbers for individual students will vary depending on whether they live on campus or commute and what type of financial aid they receive.

Taylor noted that virtually all UDM students receive some form of financial aid and that the state of Michigan and federal government is increasing funding for Pell grants for lower-income families.

He said Detroit Mercy provides $50 million worth of need-based and merit-based support.

“There’s more financial aid now than there’s been probably in my 37 years in higher education,” he said.